The Potency Of The Blood

By Pastor Ehis Ogiata

Back in my university days I had a female classmate who lived with a couple of her friends in some off campus apartment predominantly occupied by students. One night there was a raid. Some members of a feared cult broke into the yard and were robbing from door to door. When they got to Lillian's door she bellowed from inside "my name is Lillian of so so confraternity". When the marauders heard, they apologized and skipped that door to the next. They understood the ethos of the confraternity/brotherhood. You could not attack a member or one of a higher cult. She was spared!

More than a lot else is the understanding and respect for order and HIERACHY in the spirit realm. Be it in the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan or the kingdom of Light where God reigns Supreme, there is a hierachy. There is an acknowledgement of superiority without contest. 
When God told the children of Israel to smear their door posts with the blood of the lamb each family had slain for the passover (Exodus 12 : 7 - 13), He knew that only the presence of that blood on their door post could guarantee safety, protection and omission from the rampage of the angel of death who was going to go killing the first born of man and beast of the Egyptians. There was no way of differentiating between or separating the Israelites and the Egyptians. They lived amongst themselves. The mark of the blood was the differentiating symbol.
There is no way this day, of differentiating between us (the chosen generation who have been called out of darkness) and those still groping in the dark. The blood on our lintel is our mark or evidence of being purchased and blood washed. When death and its attendant sorrows show up they will pass over our door because they will recognize the mark that says we are blood washed, Redeemed and belong to a higher, superior order in the hierarchy. The Blood of Jesus is a sure and proven weapon of salvation and deliverance from calamity. When pain, sickness, tragedy et al come knocking, the presence of the mark of the Blood of Jesus guarantees our safety and protection. Yeah I hear you say but Christians go through stuff too... true, but we are GUARANTEED that the pain shall not be more than we can bear or carry. We are assured that what we pass through will not kill us and yeah we are only passing THROUGH, not stuck in it. Remember when the children of Israel were visited by the killer serpents in the wilderness. The instruction from God through Moses was for ANYONE bitten by the snake to look up at the brazen serpent hung on the pole and he/she would be saved and spared (Numbers 21:6 ‐ 9). Only those who believed and obeyed the instruction looking up to the image that typified Christ on the cross were spared. The Blood of Jesus is a symbol of His LIFE that He gave in our stead. God is literally saying by the mark of the Blood of Jesus that "this is one of those for whom I died. Satan you have no right over him/her because I have bought them off you with my Blood." We need to learn to invoke the power of the Blood of Jesus over situations that ordinarily possess the potency to kill or destroy us. When we get to those cross roads and seemingly inescapable situations in life where NOTHING else can save us from doom, then we must invoke the power of the Blood of Jesus. Plead the Blood and see things turn around in your favor. It's not my place to try to understand the dynamics or the logic behind its application, use or potency. Its enough to know that it's a massive weapon that never fails and constantly at my disposal. Beloved, the Blood is a weapon use it!

Prayer - Lord help me understand the potency of the Blood by which You bought me over from darkness into Your marvellous light. Help me apply it daily and experience the inexplicable power of your precious Blood. Thank you Jesus for the Blood.

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