A New Dawn

 A "New Dawn"  represents renewal, a time of hope and possibility, and rebirth. It symbolizes a moment of change where old ways are cast aside, and a new era begins. A "New Dawn" begins immediately after a night season, the first appearance of sunlight, and when an old chapter closes.

The night season is often used as a metaphor for a time of difficulty, persecution, and or spiritual darkness. It represents a period of uncertainty where individuals feel lost or alone, and their faith is tested. We dread the night seasons of our lives, and many fall away during those times. Trying times make us pray and hold on to God tightly. Sometimes, the miracles we seek seem delayed and we may be tempted to think God has abandoned us. The truth is that our God is very present, and He’s watching over us.

Know what the word of God says concerning every unpleasant situation and stand on it firmly. 

I am reminded of the story in the Bible where a widow lost her only son. The scripture didn't tell us she had other children. She had lost her husband and now, the only son she had just passed. She was in a dark place.  As the funeral procession was going on, as recorded in Luke 7:11-16, Jesus and his disciples entered the city, and Jesus had compassion on the woman soaked in tears. A miracle occurred as Jesus stopped the pallbearers and asked to take the casket down. He commanded the dead boy to get up! The dead boy came back to life!! The night season this widow was in immediately came to a close! When Jesus steps in, a new dawn is introduced. Jesus brings in a new chapter closing the old.

The story of Peter in Luke 5:4 is another example of a new dawn. Peter was a professional fisherman, and I can say he was a champion. On this faithful day, he went out fishing all through the night and caught NOTHING! All through the night working and had nothing to show for it, absolutely nothing! He was angry, and I can imagine and asked what happened, what had he done wrong, and why did he not even get a single fish from the entire sea? Why me, and why today? A lot of questions must have ran through his mind. He met with Jesus, and the story changed. Jesus asked him to let down his net a second time. He was instructed to go back into the sea and launch deeper. Peter did as he was told, and a new dawn was launched. The chapter on emptiness and dryness was terminated! A meeting with Jesus changed his story.

This year, we need to meet with Jesus for a change of story. He isn't far away from us; He is in us and is still speaking to us today for our breakthrough. God speaks to us through His word. He also speaks in our place of prayers. He says to you, "Forget about the former things, do not dwell in the past, see, I am doing a new thing! I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." Isaiah 43: 18-19. Stop dwelling on things that seemed to have gone wrong. Don’t spend time rehearsing the negative situation and ponder on people that have mistreated you and things you cannot change.

"This year, we need to meet with Jesus for a change of story"

 Don’t beat yourself up on things that have happened and how they happened. You cannot change events, and our God is asking you to look up for your New dawn is here! Come over, meet with Him, and a new season will emerge. He is a good God and wants the best for you. He is calling out your name and wants to make everything new. 

He is willing, and yes, He can make all things New for you! Would you listen to him? Would you let Him take care of the situation and usher you into the new? Would you launch into the more profound things of God?

You have stayed in the night season for too long. This new year, it’s time to come out from the unfavorable circumstances you might be in and walk in the newness Christ has prepared. 

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There are several other ways to provoke your New Dawn:

Study of the Word:

You can provoke your "New Dawn" by studying the scriptures. The scriptures contain answers to all of life's many questions or puzzles. There is no situation that the scriptures do not have an answer for. We only need to read it consistently, meditate on the word and take responsibility to do all that is commanded of us. The word of God will shine the requisite light into every dark area of our life. Every situation answers to the word of God. Know what the word of God says concerning every unpleasant situation and stand on it firmly. Be filled with God’s word and counter any ugly situation with the word of God, which is our armor. Launch deeper into the word of God.

When prayer becomes a habit, victory becomes our lifestyle


Prayer is another tool that provokes our "New Dawn." Prayer changes anything! It creates and sustains our "New Dawn. The Lord instructs us that when we pray, not if we pray. He says, "whatsoever we desire WHEN we pray, believe that you have received it and you shall have them." Prayer ushers in your new dawn no matter how dark the night is. God hears when we pray and brings victory, closing every old, dark chapter or season.  When prayer becomes a habit, victory becomes our lifestyle. Pray the word of God to all ugly situations around your life. God answers when we call upon Him in truth. Stay in the place of prayer at all times. Pray without ceasing as the scripture tell us, for therein lies your strength and victory. 

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When you speak the word of God in faith, it never returns to Him void until the Word accomplishes that which is sent to do. The word of God in our mouth is a weapon of war: stand in faith and declare God’s truth over every displeasing situation you find yourself in. 

When we speak the Word of God, we invite Jesus, the Word, into the situation, and everything changes. THE WORD WORKS at every time. 

This new year, make it a duty and be intentional to study the word of God more, take time to memorize scriptures and practice confessing it. Search out what is written concerning any situation and speak the infallible word of God out in faith. The realms of the spirit answer promptly to the word of God. When Jesus was tempted by the devil, He declared, “it is written..”

 In the beginning, when the world was void and without form, Jesus declared, “Let there be light and there was light!”—He spoke. Jesus is our role model, and if He declares and things come to shape at the authority of the Word, why won’t you and I speak to create our new? It is written vetos all unpleasant situations we find ourselves in. 

Your words have a creative power; nothing happens until you speak. 

Learn the act of declaration; never outgrow confessing the word. You have what you say, as the scripture promised us. The Bible reminds us, “if thou shall SAY to this mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea and shall not doubt but believe… we have what we say.”  

Your words have creative power; nothing happens until you speak. What are you speaking to yourself, family, marriage, and career —Victory or defeat? You cannot speak defeat and expect victory. 

There is great power in our tongue! When victory seems lost, speak forth God’s word in faith and watch situations change.

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It is fascinating to know that in all of God’s fullness and majestic power, He inhabits in the praise of His people. He actually comes down and sits when He perceives the aroma of His children praising Him, as the scripture tells us in Psalms 22:3 

Praise invokes the presence of God, and anywhere His presence is, no limitation or ugly situation can stand. The night season closes while the new arises at His presence. Praise moves mountains and grants us cheap victory. This year, make praise a priority in the journey of life. Jehoshaphat, as seen in the Bible, went to war with the praise leaders at the forefront, declaring the goodness and faithfulness of God, and God Himself took over the battle. 

Praise invokes the presence of God, and anywhere is presence is, no limitation or ugly situation can stand. 

As recorded in 2Chronicle 20, the army of Israel praised God with a loud voice, and their enemies destroyed themselves without Israel lifting their hands to fight. God gave them victory over their enemies at the instance of PRAISE. God never overlooks praise.

Refrain from dwelling on the bad situation. No matter how dark your night season is or how long you have been there. Jesus says BEHOLD, LOOK up, for He is doing something new in your life that will end that night season. Your new dawn is here and now. The King is calling out your name, and he says do not dwell on the old; He is doing a new thing. God will bring you out and grant you rest roundabout! 

Walk in the victory God has promised you. It’s your heritage as a child of God. The price has been paid for you on the cross! Your night season is over! Welcome to your New Dawn!

Yours in Him,

Chichi Onoriobe


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