PRAISE -Daily Prescription for Living

Jesus said "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage--I have conquered the world."

I know you have gone through trials and pains or even going through one right now and can't see your way through. It is not strange for a believer to go through a fiery trial. Jacob in Genesis lamented over Joseph and Simeon and was heart broken. Genesis 42:36 states....And Jacob their father said to them, "You have bereaved me: Joseph is no more, and you want to take Benjamin. All these things are against me."  He was downcast. Paul the apostle was not left out; he had his share of troubles too. He was persecuted for preaching the gospel, starved and even locked in jail. We all go through hard times in life that bends and sometimes breaks us. 

The big question is this:  What do you do when things seemingly are against you and nothing seems to be working for you? What do you confess when all is against you? What do you do when all hell is breaking loose and you can not hold on any longer? When sickness afflicts your body, or a crisis hits your family, career or business. When everything is seemingly against you, what do you do? Do you give up and take life the way it is? 

What then do we do when going through those tough phases of life? What is the prescription for all your troubles? One of the effective prescription needed during the dark, stormy nights of your life is PRAISE -TOWDAH/YAHAD the Hebrew word for praise and thanksgiving.

Praise is a powerful weapon for warfare. Kings conquered with praise! Yes PRAISE WORKS WONDERS! Jehoshaphat was faced with many nations coming against him and the bible records that He had the praise singers march forward as directed by God. The battle was won without sweat at the instance of praise to our great God. God does wonders in praise.

Paul and Silas were imprisoned and chained but at the instance of praise to God, the bible records that there was a great earthquake that caused the foundations of the building to shake! The prison doors flew open and their chains were BROKEN! Also recall the conquest of Jericho under the leadership of Joshua though praise.

When you are faced with troubles, PRAISE YOUR WAY THROUGH! Praise shakes the foundation of your problems and guarantees victory. When we enter into God's presence with praise, He enters into your circumstances and shut the mouth of the enemy for your sake. Praise invokes HIS very presence into the situation and everything not planted by God gives way.

God NEVER loses a battle so when the devil throws one at you, invite God into it for He's the undefeated one, the God mighty in battle. Invite Jesus through PRAISE for God always wins! He breaks every yoke of the devil. You can turn a problem into an opportunity to praise God.
Do you have a need you have been praying and trusting God for, put a praise on it! Praise God in the hall way to your next open door. Never allow your circumstances dictate your praise. Habakkuk 3:17 says "though the fig tree does not blossom and there are no fruit on the vine.....Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation".

Focus on the God that works wonders in praise than the problem for "If God be for us NOTHING can be against us! Paul reminds us in Romans 8:37, "In all these things, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Christ who loves us.

Praise Him in the midst of your problem, praise Him in advance! God works wonders in PRAISE.

Send us your prayer requests and let's stand in the gap for you

Praise HIM!

Chichi Onoriobe