The King's Table

Mephibosheth, a young boy was dropped and instantly became crippled while fleeing after his father Jonathan and grandfather Saul were killed in the battle field. Life for Mephibosheth changed and was completely different thereafter. Instead of living a life of royalty at the king's palace, he was taken to Lodebar, a place of "nothing". He was languishing in Lodebar, felt forgotten and his dreams were fast eroding. The future looked bleak and seemingly, there was no hope in view.

Many folks seem to be in the place of Mephibosheth today. Life has been harsh, situations of life have dealt badly with you and this year has been extraordinarily tough due to the pandemic and nothing seems to be working as expected. You have labored with nothing to show. Things were beautiful but everything that could go wrong has happened! Many have prayed and it seems like help is not forthcoming from anywhere and all hope is lost. Yes, Mephibosheth felt this way but one day, his life changed! The king sent for him; mercy and grace attended to his case.

David remembered his covenant with Jonathan and instructed Ziba, his servant, to fetch Mephibosheth so he could show him favor because of his friend Jonathan. Grace changed Mephibosheth's life that he got to leave Lodebar and was given a place at the King's table. There was room for him!!

God hears all our prayers, sees our tears and helplessness. He is not ignorant, powerless nor bankrupt on how to bring you a breakthrough.

You have prayed and may have lost hope. You may be frustrated at the stagnancy you see and can't make anything out of it but like Mephibosheth, there is a seat at the king's table for you. The scripture tells us in Psalms 56:8 that God keeps track of all of our tears and sorrows recording them in his book.

God hears all your prayers, sees our tears and helplessness. He is not ignorant, powerless nor bankrupt on how to bring you a breakthrough. I want to encourage you that help is on the way. He is not a wicked God; according to the scriptures, "His will is that we all prosper and be in good health even as our souls prospers". All God needs from us is our unwavering trust in His ability to bring to pass all that concerns us. He remembered Rachel, opened her womb and she gave birth to a son. Hannah was also remembered and salvation came her way. He will remember you!

No matter how bad it is right now, no matter how long you have been in that situation, SALVATION is coming your way today. Let hope arise within you for God sees and knows and He will remember you. There is a seat reserved for you at the King's table. HOLD ON!


  1. Amen, God is never late, He's always on time. All we need is to trust and depend on Him totally.

  2. Amen, thanks for these words of encouragement. God bless you and increase your anointing sis.


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