Forever Thankful.

No doubt life has been tough for most people these past few months. The world has been very unstable and unpredictable as well. Needless to say, thousands of families have suffered the loss of their loved ones, jobs and the pandemic has lots of negative ripple effects around the world. We can all relate to this in many different ways. 

Yet, we have quite a lot of reasons to be thankful. Yes, I understand life's constant demands, events, struggles, worries, and sometimes defeat makes us resentful, unforgiving, and even neglect God and our fellow humans. Pressures and the busyness of life may also suffocate our praise and thanksgiving but we have to take time to stop, pause and just thank God for all He has done. 

Thanksgiving sometimes is a sacrifice. You may not like it and even believe God has been unfair and the cause of your misfortune. Some think God is distant and that he does care about their lives anymore so why thank Him? In spite of all the happenings, the love of God our father remains the same. He has not loved us any less and any more. His hands are wide open to comfort us and grant us grace. He is a good father and being alive is just enough reason to be grateful.


No matter what the situation is, we are commanded to be thankful and praise the Lord.

 The scriptures remind us in Psalms 150:6 "Let EVERYTHING that has breath praise the Lord". No matter what the situation is, we are commanded to be thankful and praise the Lord. The situation could have been worse than it is right now. The fact that you are still standing is enough reason to be grateful; thank God for where you are right now while trusting and believing Him for victory over every assault of the enemy.


Every day, we have a choice to give thanks. With a heart of thanksgiving, we realize that no matter what the situation is, God doesn't just give us victory but He also changes our hearts and minds. His power through our hearts of thanksgiving releases the grip the devil has over every aspect of our life. We are strengthened by His peace and refueled by His joy.

No matter what it looks like, give God thanks for it is a sickle for harvest. A heart of thanksgiving, a heart of praise the Lord never overlooks.

Every day, take out time to thank God for something. Today, I am thankful for another year added to my life. I give you praise Lord for being alive and well.

Stay thankful!

Chichi Onoriobe.

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