Yes, Giants Do Fall!

A giant according to the Webster dictionary is defined as something of great stature and strength- something unusually large or powerful. David, a teenage shepherd boy had a firsthand experience battling  a gaint, who openly and repeatedly defied God and challenged God’s chosen people to fight him.
Israel’s army was dismayed and paralyzed when they heard the voice of this seeming undefeated enemy.
We go through life encountering different situations and circumstances that present as insurmountable.The giant might be  sickness in the body,  joblessness, stagnation in life, financial trouble, wilderness/dryness in life, family issues or even death of a loved one.
There are many lessons we can draw from David the little shepherd boy who was faced with a giant and gained victory over him. (1 Samuel 17)

1) David knew not to be intimidated by Goliath.

2) He activated faith to bring Goliath down

3) David opened his mouth—confessions were made

4) He relied totally on God and made boast the power of God

“The story is less about ‘overcoming giants’ than it is about seeing situations from God’s perspective and acting in faith on that belief.” While David did overcome Goliath, the point is that he trusted in the God of Israel when other Israelites (especially King Saul) did not.
To face the giants of your life, you must see yourself strong and able to defeat the giant! We must understand that the battle we are faced with is not for us to fight but belongs to the Lord. The God we serve is so strong and powerful and He never loses a battle. When we have this imprinted in our hearts, we confront every giant we face with the help of God knowing the victory is ours because God our Father never loses a battle. Never get intimidated by the giants you face.

David saw the same giant others saw but spoke differently in faith. What do you see and how do you react? Do you throw your hands up in the air in defeat? Never go around looking, talking and analyzing the size of the problem. Instead, see the greatness of God in the midst of the situation and activate your faith in the all-powerful God. 

Faith is the assurance of what is revealed in the word of God. Get to know the promises of God concerning you from His word. Faith activates the power of God and commits God’s integrity to confirm His words. When faith comes alive, God is committed to perform every word of His we hold unto. Erase the defeat of yesterday and face your giants with a victor’s mentality. “Faith not engaged is victory mortgaged”!

When face with situations of life that looks unsurmountable, what is your confession? The scriptures reminds us in Rev 12:11—“And they overcame by the Blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony…” The words we declare matters a great deal for life and death are in the power of the tongue. You cannot speak defeat and expect victory. When faced with any challenge, search the scriptures for God’s promises concerning that challenge. Keep declaring God’s promises no matter how ugly the situation may look. Declare God’s word until victory is seen for faithful is He that promised. His words will not return void but every iota of it will come to pass and victory is guaranteed.

Watch your confessions; speak life, speak faith! A closed mouth is a closed destiny.

David said in first Samuel, “ come against me with sword and spear and javelin but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty….” Realize that David never pondered and reasoned how God was going to get him through the fight instead he trusted God and relied on His mighty power to bring Goliath the giant down. All God needs from us is the same attitude of trust and total reliance on His saving power to bring us victory. Stop trying to help God analyze the magnitude of that challenge and what strategy He will use for our deliverance. All God wants us to do is to cast ALL our cares upon Him for He cares for us. He’s our father and will bring us out to victory. The HOW is not our job to figure out. Let God fight your battles and bring those giants down!

There are giants in everyone’s promise land, if you don’t dare them, you will not conquer them and receive your inheritance. Confront those giants armed with God’s word.

I remember that against surmountable odds, because David trusted in you, he emerged from the battle victorious.I am not sure how I will face nor endure this trial. It seems as though, even if I mustered all of my strength, that I could not engage with this giant and win the battle. But I am so grateful that I can rely on you. That I can trust in your power to help me face against this Goliath in my life. Remind me of your goodness and strength and how you have not abandoned me in the past. Help me to recall that you often use the weakest vessels to show others your power. Use me, God, a weak vessel as I go against this Goliath.



  1. Great piece and a beautiful one to start the week. God bless you immensely Chimenim

  2. Thanks For this piece dear. It’s the tonic we need to the start of a new day and a new week.

  3. Thanks For this piece dear. It’s the tonic we need to the start of a new day and a new week.

  4. Thanks For this piece dear. It’s the tonic we need to the start of a new day and a new week.

  5. David indeed did not analyze the situation he already his God and as the Bible says they that know their God will do great exploits.


    1. Yes! With God we do exploits and the Unimaginable things because we know who goes before us and stands behind us.


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