His Presence

Happy New Year!! I am so glad to welcome you all again to 2022–Our Year of Victory! 

The new year is already here and January will be over before we know it. Hallelujah we made it through 2021 and I believe without a doubt, 2022 shall be our year of greater grace and unending victories in Jesus name. An account recorded in 2 Samuel 6 comes to mind as I ponder about the year 2022 and what our focus should be.  The Ark of God should be on the top of our list this new year.  The Ark represents His presence is also called by the name of the Lord of Heaven’s armies. 

As recorded in 2 Samuel 6, God had killed Uzziah because He dishonored God by touching the Ark.  On seeing this, David did not want anything to do with the Ark anymore. He ordered the Ark of God be taken to the house of Obededom. The Ark stayed in the house of Obededom for three months and the Lord blessed his house and family. 

This new year, I admonish you, let the Ark of God—His presence rest in your heart, in your home and carry Him everywhere you go. The Ark of God rested in the house of Obededom for months and the difference was seen by everyone much so they had to tell King David what was going on. Nothing diminishes or remains the same where the presence of God resides. For a victorious and grace filled year, carry the presence of God everywhere you go. 

Dwelling in God’s presence carries so many benefits. You become a reflection of God's glory and are transformed from glory to glory becoming like Christ!

Joy is a product of His presence. "In His presence there is fullness of Joy and pleasures forever more" as Psalms 16:11 reminds us. Joy that is not bound or tied to any worldly gain but that which only God gives amid the presence of trials and temptation. Isaiah 12:3 also reminds us “with Joy shall ye draw from the wells of salvation”. Joy is found in His presence.

His presence gives us peace and calms every raging storm around our lives. No power of hell can stand where the presence of God resides. No mad dog plays around a Lion’s territory. God’s presence is so powerful therefore, no weapon formed against a carrier of His presence shall stand! 

                                                                       Be Encouraged

We are imparted with the knowledge of His will as we tarry in God's presence always which enables us spread the fragrance of His presence everywhere. We need His wisdom and knowledge to tackle all of life's situations - at work, home, ministry and family. The knowledge of His will makes life easy and successful.

No matter what may come your way or challenges you might be faced with this year, know the presence of the Lord— the Ark is resident in you, granting you victory in every challenge.

Learn to carry the presence of God this new year. Pray, sing and make melodies in your hearts unto God. Be intentional to involve Him in everything you do. Carry His presence and let Him take over all that concerns you this year. I see all mountains melting before you. May you reflect His glory and impact your generation positively. This is your best year yet! Carry His presence  and let the Ark never depart from your home. You are blessed!!

God is with you and He will never blow the whistle until you WIN!!

With Much Miracles,

Ezekiel 12:28

Chichi Onoriobe.