The Power of Relationship.

The Power of Relationships

Relationships can be defined as a connection, association or involvement between people or organizations.

I remember the adage which says: show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. This is so true as the scripture also tells us in proverbs 13:20, “He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”.

As H. Melvill, B.D.rightly said, “Everyone exerts an influence on some others, and in turn is acted on by them. It is vain to endeavor to escape, or destroy, this mutual influence. There is a strong tendency in human character to the assimilating itself to that of those with whom it is in contact. There is an acquisition of wisdom as a direct consequence of associating, or walking with, the wise and also an acquisition of foolishness from walking with the unwise.

The paralytic man in the scripture is a perfect example. He associated himself with people that genuinely cared and looked out for each other in the relationship. Luke 5:17-39 tells us the story of a paralytic man who was bedridden and helpless. He was associated with meaningful friends that had his interest at heart. The paralytic man had friends that didn’t mind breaking down barriers and protocols to get him help no matter the cost.

The paralytic man could not help himself but had great friends that cared to help him from his predicament. They broke down people's roof, ignored the lawsuit that could have risen due to their actions, took the chances of lowering him down the broken roof, they weren’t sure if he would land safely or not but they dared it anyway because they knew if they could only get Jesus's attention, their friend will be healed. They successfully lowered their sick friend down, got Jesus’s attention and Jesus healed him. Now this is what I call a wealthy man. Choose your friends/association wisely.

Solomon on the other hand, despite the wisdom lavished on him by God, the bible tells us “He loved many foreign women” and they turned his heart after other gods. His relationship with those foreign women helped stir him away from the God he onced loved, worshiped and served with all of his heart. He built altars to serve these different gods, deviated from the commands God had given him and he did evil in the sight of God. God was so displeased with him and rend the throne away from his children. (I Kings 11)

Blessings can be gotten from relationships and associations too. Joseph as seen in the scriptures was in Potiphar's house serving him; it was recorded that the entire household of Potiphar was blessed because of the grace Joseph carried and the God Joseph had a relationship with! God blessed Joseph and that blessing was experienced by the entire household of his master. Blessings can be transferred to an individual through right associations. On the other hand, the company of fools suffer great harm, disfavor and many troubles.

What type of relationship are you in? Do you associate yourself with those that uplift you and stir you up to greatness or do you dine with people going nowhere, with no vision and are just satisfied where they are? Are you in a relationship that draws you closer to God or one that drains your spiritual fire? The relationships and associations we involve ourselves in makes or breaks us. You are drawn towards those you are closely associated with and soon, you begin to think and walk like them.

The servants of Saul were in the midst of  Samuel and the prophets who were prophesying, and they started prophesying as well. 

If you want to soar high, associate yourself with eagles and soar high!

Stay Blessed!

Chichi Onoriobe.