Be Selfless

Oskar Schindler is widely known for his selfless and heroic actions, demonstrating how even in the most terrible times, people can do great things. His story is connected to the Holocaust, a period marked by extreme suffering and cruelty. Schindler, a German businessman who initially made money during the war, experienced a significant change of heart. 

Driven by compassion and a strong commitment to the lives of more than a thousand Jewish people, he took serious risks to protect them from the Nazi regime's deadly actions.

Selflessness appears to be diminishing in today's society as individuals increasingly prioritize personal goals, financial success, and comfort. The genuine compassion for those who may not reciprocate is rapidly fading. The motivation behind offering assistance seems to be centered on what one can gain in return. As children of God, this departure from selfless virtues should not be the norm. 

Selflessness is a profound and virtuous quality that reflects a person's ability to prioritize the needs and well-being of others over their own interests. It is an altruistic approach to life, driven by compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to contribute positively to the welfare of others. Selflessness involves acting for the greater good, without expecting personal gain or recognition in return. 

Seek opportunities to be a blessing to someone, to serve, and in doing so, bring a genuine smile to the faces of those you encounter. 

As I reflect on the story of the paralytic man and his friends in the Bible, recounted in Mark chapter 2:3-5, my mind goes to the extraordinary lengths these individuals went to seek healing from Jesus for their friend. The paralyzed man, mentioned in the story, had four devoted friends who were aware that Jesus was in town. Undeterred by the crowd, they located the house where Jesus was and embarked on an audacious mission to bring their friend to Jesus for healing. Encountering obstacles in the form of the dense crowd, these friends refused to be deterred. Instead, they engaged in an unconventional and daring act – they literally dug a hole in the roof to lower their paralyzed friend down to Jesus.
The audacity of their actions never fails to astound me. I find myself wondering whether they sought permission or simply chose to defy conventions to ensure their friend received healing, regardless of the potential consequences. 

It was love that propelled Him to the cross, a sacrificial act that bestowed upon us the gift of eternal life.

In contemplating this story, it strikes me that these friends could have easily abandoned their paralyzed companion, deeming him a burden amidst the challenges of reaching Jesus. However, their selflessness, compassion, and love for their friend prevailed. They recognized the urgency of getting their friend to Jesus, even if it meant disregarding personal gain, potential legal consequences, or societal norms. This narrative exemplifies true friendship – a friendship grounded in selflessness, compassion, and unwavering love. The actions of these men resonate as a powerful demonstration of putting someone else's well-being above personal comfort or convenience.
The outcome of their bold endeavor was miraculous – Jesus healed the paralytic, and he not only walked home but also forgiven and made whole.

Let's delve into the profound narrative of Jesus, the Son of God. He willingly left the majesty of His heavenly throne, descended to the very earth He fashioned, endured suffering, and laid down His life to reconcile humanity with the Father. It was love that propelled Him to the cross, a sacrificial act that bestowed upon us the gift of eternal life.

In this divine exchange, we, the recipients of such boundless grace, had nothing of comparable value to offer in return. Yet, Jesus exemplified selflessness, overflowing with compassion, as He willingly embraced the path of the cross. His choice was not one of personal gain or reciprocity but a manifestation of profound love and a selfless commitment to the salvation of mankind.

In the hustle of our daily journey, amidst life's demands, pause to extend care to those around you. Practice compassion and selflessness, recognizing the interconnectedness of our shared existence. Cultivate the fruits of the Holy Spirit — love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, and more — allowing them to blossom and manifest in your life. Follow the example of Jesus, who served with humility and grace. Seek opportunities to be a blessing to someone, to serve, and in doing so, bring a genuine smile to the faces of those you encounter. As you engage in selfless acts, watch God smile down on you and pour out blessing you will not have room for.

Be blessed!

Chichi Onoriobe.


  1. Lovely! This is a word for times like this. We must be intentional about being a person, people and most of all Kingdom builder.

    Mark 2:3-5 never gets old for me...the heart of friends who would go to the roof top to help a friend is priceless.
    Funny thing is, it is very possible that they also had their personal issues but they pushed them aside.

    Over the years, I have found out that it is true worship unto God when one is able to reach out to another even when he/she is in need or waiting on God for a miracle as well, and in doing so you have your breakthrough...God is honoured and brings honours to such a person. Like David who prayed for his friends while in the cave. By God's grace, I am currently in that position and I thank the Holy Spirit for the grace to uphold a sick friend in prayers.

    I have been blessed with friends like this and Chchi you are one of them. These are the kind of friends I pray for that God surround my immediate and extended famil...that God surround them with good selfless friends and people who are destiny helpers. May the Holy Spirit continually be our source of strength, help, force, motivation and enabler as we uphold others and refuse to be solely lovers of ourselves.

    1. A resounding amen🙏🏼🙏🏼Thank you so much. May we bring honor to God by our selfless and compassionate act to all we come across. Amen🙏🏼


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