Basket Load Of Thanks.

Thanksgiving is far more than a seasonal celebration or a mere gesture of gratitude. It's an embodiment of our acknowledgment, be it towards one another or our God. Despite its apparent simplicity, many struggle to express gratitude for acts of kindness or even to offer thanks to God for His unyielding grace, especially when faced with life's many troubles. Yet, this very act is essential to see God's will in our lives and propel us towards higher dimensions of faith, not just for ourselves but for our communities too.

Thanksgiving is not just a ritual; it's a profound recognition of God's faithfulness in our lives. It's a deliberate act, a moment taken to humble ourselves before God and each other. Scripture reminds us that those who humble themselves will, in due time, be exalted by God.

The book of Psalms remind us to continually offer thanks to the Lord, for His mercy endures forever. It's not a suggestion; it's a directive for us as children of God. Whether in the midst of prosperity or adversity, we're called to be THANKFUL. Reflecting on our journey, there's an abundance for which we should be grateful. God's goodness prevails, and even in having less than we desire, there's reason enough to give thanks. Simply being alive warrants gratitude. God is the reason we possess what we have today and also the reason why we haven't lost everything. In seasons of both abundance and lack, maintaining a spirit of thankfulness towards God is critical. His mercies and grace have carried us this far. If not for God...?

God is the reason we possess what we have today and also the reason why we haven't lost everything.
Consider the poignant story of Jesus and Lazarus. Despite the grim circumstances of Lazarus' death, Jesus, before performing the miraculous resurrection, gave thanks!. Even amidst sorrow and seemingly insurmountable odds, thanksgiving was the precursor to the profound miracle of resurrection.

It's an expression of faith, a declaration of trust in God, especially in the face of bleak circumstances.
John 11:41-44 narrates this powerful moment: 'So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me."' It's a testament to the significance of thanksgiving. Lazarus was brought back to life at the very utterance of thanksgiving. It's a reminder that thanksgiving has the power to resurrect the seemingly dead situations of our lives. It's an expression of faith, a declaration of trust in God, especially in the face of bleak circumstances.

The narrative of Paul and Silas in the prison cell further illuminates this truth. Their prayers and songs of praise resulted in a seismic event that broke their chains and opened the prison doors. That's the potency of thanksgiving! It's the scythe that cuts through the bonds holding us captive and a sickle of harvest. It's an act of acknowledgment and trust in God's transformative power.

Discontentment drains the very essence of our being.

Instead of dwelling on the negatives, let's embrace a spirit of gratitude for the blessings we've received. Discontentment drains the very essence of our being. Thanksgiving is not just an accessory to prayer; it's an essential component. Paul's guidance to the Philippians echoes this sentiment: 'Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.'

Our prayers, intercessions, and supplications are to be adorned with the garment of thanksgiving, signifying our unwavering faith in God's attentive ear and His work in our lives. The scriptures reverberate with prayers of gratitude, reflecting the intention to recount the wondrous deeds of the Lord.

In our daily lives, let's earnestly express gratitude for acts of kindness shown to us. It's time to uproot entitlement and replace it with a genuine sense of appreciation for those we encounter. Just as a child's 'thank you' encourages a parent, let's remember to say thank you to every act of kindness we receive. Let's be like the one leper who returned to express gratitude to God and found not just healing but wholeness. There's tremendous power in thanksgiving; let's make it a lifestyle, always giving thanks."

Take a moment to pause, think about God's goodness in our lives and say words of thanks to God and to those that have done us well.

Today, I bring to my God a thousand baskets load of THANKS.

With much thanks,
Chichi Onoriobe.


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