The Final Authority

Have you ever experienced the opposite of what you hoped and prayed for? Perhaps a situation unfolded entirely contrary to your expectations? Several years ago, my younger sister, a high school student, was involved in a car accident on her way to school. The news hit us like a sledgehammer, plunging us into despair. Hastily, we made our way to the hospital, where we found her in a coma, clinging to life. She lay unconscious, her breaths sparse, and her existence reliant on life support. I called out to her, but there was no response. "My dear sister," I cried, "Lord, please don't let her die!" This unforeseen tragedy shattered the plans my family and I had for the day and the week. Just that morning, we had gathered for our family devotion, entrusting everyone and the day's activities to God's care. In less than three hours, we were confronted with a life-or-death scenario.

Amidst the chaos, uncertainty, and our barrage of questions for the doctors, I knew I had to turn to the God we had called on earlier that day. I implored Him to intervene and send us help from His holy hills. With no sophisticated medical equipment available to address the dire situation, we relied on God's mercies and intervention. Desperately, I pleaded with God to rescue my sister, bring her back and restore her health.

We clung to our faith, reminding God of His promises of healing and life. His word remains steadfast and unfailing. Like a daily dose of medicine, I immersed myself in God's word, confessing, praying, and declaring His promises over my sister. Eventually, after several months, she emerged from her coma, healed, and completely restored. God proved faithful to His word.

As children of God, we are not exempt from trials and tribulations. 

Scripture reassures us in Romans 8:37, "in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Experiencing troubles and temptations does not entirely signify wrongdoing on your part or that God is punishing you. In this life, we will face tribulations, but Christ encourages us to be of good cheer, for we have overcome the world. God's love compels Him to help us in every situation.

When confronted with fiery trials, remember that you have God's word to hold onto. Seek out what the Scriptures say concerning your situation and meditate on them. Pray, declare, and act upon God's word, for therein lies your victory. The word of God is your final authority and defeats the devil every time. Regardless of the devil's schemes or how insurmountable the situation seems or the daunting appearance of your circumstances, hold on to God's word, for it is life, and God watches over His word to perform wonders in our lives. 
Scripture reminds us that not a single iota of God's word will fall to the ground or return to Him void; it will accomplish what it is sent to do. Are you battling illness? The word says, "by his stripes, you are healed." Are you facing financial struggles? The word promises us if we obey and serve him, we will spend our days in prosperity and our years in abundance. Are you at a cross road and need directions? The Lord grants wisdom and understanding. There is no situation beyond the reach of God's word. All you need to do is read the word, meditate on it and "war" with them. Don't condone any negative situation henceforth, confront them with God's word. If Jesus confronted the devil when he was tempted with the word of God -"it is written" and triumphed over him, who are we not to do the same? Fight the good fight of faith with the word of God.

The spiritual realm responds solely to the word of God, and it governs the physical realm. Therefore, claim God's promises and witness their physical manifestation.

The integrity of God's word can never be challenged, it cannot be altered or broken. Every aspect of God's word must come to pass. Absolutely everything answers to the word of God. Whatever promise you are holding onto, do not waver, even when the opposite seems apparent. Help is on the way, for God's word never returns to Him empty but accomplishes its purpose in your life; there must be a performance! It is our FINAL AUTHORITY!

May the word of God you are holding onto speak for you, today and always in Jesus name. I await your testimonies.

Stay blessed!
Chichi Onoriobe.


  1. Fantastic collection !!! Truly inspiring 🙏🙏

  2. God is faithful. His word standeth sure. Blessed be His name.

  3. This was so encouraging🙌
    Thank you ma🙏

  4. Amazing. A message of faith and hope. Keep up the good work.


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